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Monday, December 27, 2010

Upcoming trip

The team will be leaving the United States for Liberia, January 22 and returning around February 7th. The schedule is full of activities and everyone is looking forward to hitting the ground in Liberia and getting to work!
LEP is hosting the second teacher training session with a focus on early literacy skills, lesson planning, classroom management, and cultural literacy. The training manuals for the teachers are almost all printed and we are continuing to gather flashcards, magnetic letters, and trays.
While the teachers are in the training sessions, another part of the team will be working with the kids conducting a two day vacation bible school type day camp, mixing Bible teaching with fun activities that help teach object lessons.
This trip also entails the start of construction on the new school building. The villagers have been working on making the bricks and gathering some of the materials for the project.
Last year, the time spent in the village out in Bong County was such a blessing for all of the team members, that this year's team is very excited about being able to spend more time out there working and getting to know the villagers.
Please pray for the upcoming trip and if God leads you donations are still being accepted for the building project.

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