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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liberia Education Project
2009 Year End Report

Liberia Education Project began during the Spring of 2008 as a result of a vision by Jacob G. Madehdou, a member of the Somerton United Methodist Church (SUMC), Philadelphia, PA and native of Liberia, West Africa. Our work during the 2008 calendar year resulted in our first shipment of supplies to Liberia in January, 2009. Donations in 2008 amounted to three barrels of donated school supplies and hygiene kits. Funds for shipping the barrels came from various sources both inside and outside SUMC. While visiting Liberia in the Winter of 2008-09 Jacob documented the need of these supplies with hundreds of photos.
Distribution of School Supplies - March 2009
During this trip Jacob also realized the need for schools and self-sustaining vocations throughout Liberia, especially in the rural areas. At a church dinner in March 2009 Jacob shared his stories and pictures of the adorable children we directly assisted. The church confirmed a proposal to form a Non-Profit Corporation to seek financial support from outside SUMC. In April and May 2009 the proper paperwork was submitted to state and federal agencies.

Meanwhile Jacob began networking with others who share our vision of educating children in Liberia. We have received financial and in-kind support from Western Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado and more. New inquiries come into the website almost everyday. We have involved architects, builders, educators and others. They have drawn plans, offered to assist on the ground in Liberia, donated educational supplies, and proposed infrastructure such as drilling a well and erecting a windmill.
Renovations of the Temporary School – April 2009
In the village of Ghenwein the residents have donated 5 acres of land for the construction of a school. Preparatory classes began in May 2009 in a renovated church building. Currently (Winter 2010) over 74 registered full time students from the Kokoyah District are attending classes taught by 3 teachers and one principal. Agriculturalists have developed a detailed plan for growing crops on the land, contributing to self-sufficiency.

To date we have raised the needed initial funds largely through our church membership. We have created a board of directors and we are sending Jacob back to Liberia in February 2010 to survey the property, register the plans with the Liberia government and purchase/transport a brick making machine to begin construction.
Jacob also plans to run a teacher training as well as a two day camp for the children. Financial support is urgently needed.

Liberia Education Project 2009 Year End Report – page 2

Little Hawah is our first LEP Scholarship recipient, October 2009
Your future help can assist us in these areas:
Pray for this project and the people of Liberia
You can organize a fundraiser. Share the project with your church, school, co-workers, friends, neighbors, social networking groups, students
Buy one room (20*20) for $1,000.00 or contribute $100.00 to support the cost of the water well and your name will be added to a thank you plaque over the room entrance or next to the water well. You can honor a friend or loved one with your donation in the person’s name
You may sponsor a student with a gift of $12.00 a month, or offer a gift of $50.00 to pay a teacher’s salary for a month
Collect stationeries and books for the school library from friends, churches, schools, book stores, etc.
Donate a bicycle or contribute to the purchase of a used pick-up truck.
Purchase tickets and attend the April 17th concert by the Bucks County Country Gentlemen. You can buy cement @ $15.00 a bag or donate $1, $5, $10 to the general fund. Your donation to the general fund is appreciated, regardless the size or amount. What you may think as “little” is a lot to others
Bicycles for teachers sent January 2010

Happy children playing football -
Help make school a reality for these children
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