The Liberia Education Project, Inc.


Monday, March 22, 2010

March 2010 - New Challenges and HIGH Expectations

Jacob arrived back in The States on Tuesday, March 16th. Dennis Fisher picked him up at Dulles International Airport for the 4 hour drive (through rush hour) back to Philadelphia.
Jacob was overjoyed to be back hone with his family! Much was accomplished during his six weeks in Liberia:
1. He assisted with Teacher Training for the Liberia Orphan Education Project
2. He worked with legal counsel and various govermental bodies to register Liberia Education Project as an official organization in Liberia
3. He conducted teacher training at the Ghenwein Mission School location
4. He presided over a Vacation Bible School-type camp for 100's of children - so many that a satellite location was setup.
5. He purchased brickmaking equipment and supported villagers to begin making bricks for the school construction.
6. He accepted the donation of up to 20 acres of land for the school and it's associated agricultural program.
7. He spoke to various local officials to get approvals for the communities' plans.
8. And much more.
Visit again as we will be posting new pictures very soon.