The Liberia Education Project, Inc.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let your small change have a big impact!

The Liberia Education Project is working with the residents of Bong County to build a school to serve the needs of several villages. The new school will be named “Ghenwein Mission School”.

Would you consider giving your loose change to help make a big change in the lives of the children and families in Bong County?

Here’s how you can help-place a jar on your counter with the Loose Change for Liberia label on it, each night empty the loose change from your pockets/purses into the jar, then once a month send your donation into the Liberia Education Project and watch how your loose change can help change lives in Liberia!

To get started please email Jacob Madehdou ( to sign up and get your label.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Snapshot of Teacher Training

While the children were enjoying their Bible camp, sixteen teachers from schools around Ghenwein were able to attend a two day training session. Naomi worked with the teachers in the areas of developmentally appropriate practices in elementary education and phonemic awareness.
The teachers enjoyed learning some new activities to do with their students. They were able to share with the team the lack of supplies they have in their schools and some of the other challenges they face as they work to educate the youth of Liberia. Many are teaching without the basics of books, paper, and writing utensils for the children. Plans were made for future training on topics the teachers felt would be most beneficial to them.
The Liberia Education Project collects school supplies to ship in containers to the teachers in Liberia. While you are shopping this summer and notice school supplies on sale, won't you consider purchasing some extra to send to the Liberia Education Project? Your generosity can make such a difference to a teacher and student in Liberia.