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Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Jacob's Commissioning Service at Somerton UMC

Homes near Kpordyu Town

Report of Jacob Madehdou, from Liberia: Feb 28, 2010

Jacob and his team of 4 from the U.S. and 4 Liberians are running a camp for the school children as well as a teacher training. The village has never hosted foreigners. Pray for Jacob and the team to accomplish great things. They will be sleeping under the stars, using outdoor facilities and hoping to have consistent availability of a generator for electricity.

The camp was very well attended by over 200 children. We expected 100. Two sessions were held in order to manage the number of children. One group in Kpordyu Town and the other closer to the Ghenwein Mission School site. Fotball games were held for all children. The girls needed special tutoring in the art of soccer (fotball).

12 teachers were expected 16 showed up. Martha Khanga did a training for the mothers and promised to come back. Another helper, Andrew Tyler, stayed to assist Jacob and Martha to do teacher training. Jacob's sister and her daughter assisted with feeding the people and other accommodations. Donations of rice and live animals for a feast were welcome gifts. The camp will conclude with a special thanksgiving service on Sunday February 28th.

Instead of donating 5 acres of land for the school, the village elders are donating 20-25 acres. Another elder is loaning a five room home for an expansion of classrooms.

Future plans include receiving a certificate for the land and presenting that to the local
government officials before surveying the land and officially taking possession. Meanwhile the villagers will be clearing the land and making bricks. Jacob will be making a visit to Monrovia to meet with our legal counselor to complete registration with both the Education and Agricultural Ministries of Liberia.

Jacob will return to the Ghenwein school to discuss next steps and plans for the coming months before leaving on March 14th.

Please pray for the continued success of this trip. Jacob is very happy and satisfied.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jacob in Liberia - 2010

Jacob arrived Friday February 5th. After unpacking at the Lot Carie Orphanage, near Monrovia, he was able to spend almost 24 hours with his mother in Monrovia. He was met at the airport by eight friends and family ready to take him directly to Ghenwein in Bong County. The group included Frederick, our agriculturalist; Sebastian, our director in Liberia; Hanna, Jacob's sister.
While Jacob spent the week helping train teachers at Lot Carie with the Liberia Orphan Education Project, Frederick and Sabastine began the process of registering LEP with the Liberian government. Jacob was also able to retain a counselor as well. And even though he was teaching all week at Lot Carie he was able to get away to Buchanon to make arrangements for a camp to be held for the children of the Kokoyah District in Ghenwein. When we spoke this morning he was off to Ghenwein, via Gbarnga to assure delivery of our brick molding machine and to secure the services of a surveyor. The people of this rural Kokoyah District are very excited. Never before have they entertained international visitors. They can expect 5 or 6 vistors from the United States in the coming weeks and work will be beginning shortly to survey,
clear the ground for laying a foundation and begin brick making.

More to come... Dennis Fisher